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Sexual Violence

By January 1, 2022July 8th, 2022No Comments

Providing a new skillset to those working where alcohol consumption is permitted, the Smart Serve® training course now includes a new learning module, to help staff recognize and address sexual violence.

Identifying and dealing with acts of sexual violence in your establishment may be difficult and uncomfortable. It is important to remember that all establishments and staff have a Duty of Care to keep their guests safe from harm.

The learning outcomes of the module provide an overview on:
  • Two types of Sexual Violence: Sexual harassment and drug-facilitated sexual assault (DFSA)
  • Tips for identifying and handling these dangerous situations

If you identify a potentially dangerous situation, use your best judgment to determine how to deal with potential risks. For example, notify other staff and management before you intervene.

The module highlights specific scenarios related to customer-to-customer interactions in social groups, nightclubs, and events to empower staff  and highlight what to look for.

Disclaimer: The inclusion of sexual violence in the Smart Serve training program does not exclude establishments from having their own policies that address how to deal with these types of dangerous situations.