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In-Class Group Training

The Facilitated Course, was developed for use by Organizations only. Those wishing to provide group training in a classroom setting must be approved by Smart Serve Ontario.

This Facilitator Course Package is specifically designed for:

  • Licensees
  • Corporate Training (Learning & Development, Human Resources)
  • Approved Training Centres
  • Educational Institutions

Training materials are designed to be led / taught by an experienced leader in responsible alcohol service. This could include: managers, owners, faculty, or professional trainers. This is a great way to engage and learn together!

All Final Tests are proctored and must be completed independently online. As a Facilitator, you will also be required to guide participants/students through the process of creating an Individual Online Account with Smart Serve and providing them with Test Tokens.

IMPORTANT: This package is not available to individuals. All Facilitators must be approved. Please contact us directly for more information.

What You Need To Know

Facilitator Course Package Includes:

  • Downloadable Training Program
  • Downloadable Job Aids (to learn from and share)
  • Downloadable video transcripts
  • Please allow about 4 hours for training
  • Available in English and French
  • Final Tests will be available in all 6 languages (English, French, Chinese, Korean, Punjabi, and Spanish)
  • All fees are non-refundable

Participant Test Tokens:

  • Test Tokens must be purchased separately from the Course Package
  • Tokens expire 30 days from purchase
  • Tokens are required for Participants to access the Final Test
  • Once redeemed, Tokens will expire in 30 days
  • All Final Tests are proctored online
  • All Certificate cards will be mailed directly to course participants/students

Participants will be required to create an Individual Online Account directly with You can help guide them through this process if required.

Important: All Final Tests must be completed online independently. A web camera will be required. As an Organization you can choose to allow Participants to complete the online Final Test in your facility or on their own at home. All tests will be proctored and monitored for integrity.

Facilitator Course Package


Facilitators training materials & job aids
(Only available for approved Organizations)

$129.00 each

Final Test Token

(Only available for approved Organizations)

$34.95 each

Incident Reporting Log

$25.00 each