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Looking to update your skills and knowledge? Already certified but need to update your training to include the Retail Sales (RS) training? Our Re-Certification course is available for anyone who holds a valid Smart Serve Certification.

By purchasing a Re-Certification training course, you will receive access to the Smart Serve Online® training program for 30 days. Upon successful completion, you will be issued a new Certificate card.

How do I get started?

Simply login to your Online Account to purchase! If you do not have an Online Account, you will need to register for one. When creating an online profile, your account will need to be validated before you can purchase a Re-Certification course.

How do I know if my account has been validated?
After registering, login to your account and check the “Training Status” on your home page. If it says “Smart Serve Certified” and has a Certificate number, then your account has been successfully validated. You can proceed with your purchase.

TIP:  If your Online Account does not show a Certificate number, please select “Replacement Card” and fill out the Profile Confirmation Request Form, to validate your account. Please be patient and check your email.

How to purchase the Re-Certification course

Step 1:

REGISTER or LOGIN to your Online Account

Note: If your Online Account has already been validated, you can proceed to purchasing the course in your account and disregard Steps 2-5.

Step 2:

If you need to Register, please choose “Individual Account” and select “Register Now”

Step 3:

Complete all Personal Contact Information

Note: This should reflect your current contact information. Your account will be linked based on your Name and Date-of-Birth. If your name has legally changed or is different since you last completed your Certification course, you will be required to submit proof of identification prior to having your Online Account validated and access granted.

Step 4:

Submit then check your email.

Step 5:

Login to your Online Account and check your Certification Status. If it says “Smart Serve Certified” you can proceed with your purchase

Note: Your account must be properly validated / linked before you can proceed with your purchase. You may be required to complete a Profile Confirmation form to validate your account.