Recertification is available for those who hold a valid Smart Serve Certificate and wish to update their knowledge. By purchasing the recertification training you will receive access to the online training program for 30 days. Upon successful completion you will receive a new certification card that reflects that you have recertified.

How do I know if my account has been validated?
Once you have logged into your profile check out your “Training Status”. If it says “Smart Serve Certified” then your account has been validated and you can proceed to “Purchase”.

How to purchase recertification

Step 1:

Register or login to as an individual

Step 2:

Establish if your account has been validated. If it has, proceed to “Purchase” and disregard steps 3-4.

Step 3:

Submit the Profile Confirmation form found in the Lost Cards section or call Smart Serve to validate your account.

Step 4:

Once your account has been validated you may click “Purchase” and order the recertification training.