Smart Serve Ontario releases updates to the Responsible Alcohol Beverage Sales & Service Training Program.

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What’s New?

We have made some big improvements. Designed to be interactive, fun, and mobile-friendly. The Smart Serve Online® training program is easy to navigate and available in 6 languages.

What exactly have we changed? We have added a NEW Module: Cannabis Signs of Use. You will learn with games, videos, audio tracks, quizzes with feedback, and more.

Get ready to learn where, when, and how you want!

Online Training 24/7

Individual training and Re-Certification courses can be completed online anytime, in about 3-4 hours.

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Cannabis Signs – NEW

You have the responsibility not to serve or sell alcohol to anyone who is showing signs of intoxication - by alcohol, cannabis, medication, or drugs.

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Licensee, Owner, Hiring Manager?

Organizational training can be done independently online or as a group. As an Organization you can manage and purchase Tokens.

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Check out some of our enhancements!

Move over the plus signs “+” in the image below to discover more.

Back Arrow: Exit the training Chapter and return to the Module menu page
Status Bar: Track your progress! Select the Progress Bar and you can see what sections you have completed. Missed something? Click it and you can quickly navigate to that specific item
Audio: Turn on/off voice narration. Did you know that you can listen in six (6) different languages: English, French, Chinese, Korean, Punjabi, and Spanish
Accessibility: All modules can be taken in accessibility mode
Menu: Navigate to download TIP Sheets and Job Aids. Easily move between Chapters with-in a Module, or Search for content by using keywords
Languages: Change the language of the learning module: English, French, Chinese, Korean, Punjabi, or Spanish
X Icon: Save your progress and close the Module or Chapter
Need an Online Account?

If you are Certified but don’t have an Online Account – you will need one! Your online profile will be validated and your Certificate number linked.

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Organizational Training

Do you have a group and would like to purchase Course Tokens for them to complete the training online?

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