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Your 2023 Holiday Guide!

By November 30, 2023No Comments

As we approach the conclusion of the year, it is time to prepare for the upcoming holiday gatherings with friends and family. These gatherings encompass a wide range of events, from intimate dinners to formal work-related occasions. Rest assured, we are here to provide you with practical tips to ensure your celebrations are both festive and safe.

Responsible Alcohol Consumption Guidelines 🍹

1. Pre-Event Sobriety: Refrain from alcohol consumption prior to attending an event. The practice of consuming alcohol before an occasion can lead to increased intake and a heightened risk of negative outcomes.

2. Establish Personal Limits: Before embarking on your festivities, establish a limit for your alcohol consumption and adhere to it. Resist external pressures or influences that may encourage excessive drinking.

3. Dining Considerations: Prioritize the consumption of food both before and during the festivities. Alcohol interacts more favorably with the body when there is a substantial meal in the stomach. Take the time to savor and enjoy the delectable holiday cuisine!

4. Hydration Strategy: In addition to your preferred beverages, maintain hydration by alternating with water or non-alcoholic options such as juice, soda, or sparkling water. Your body will appreciate this thoughtful approach the following day.

5. Safe Transportation: Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, adhering to Canada’s legal limit of 0.08 for blood alcohol content while operating a motor vehicle. Ensure an alternative transportation plan, such as public transit, taxi services, Uber, or a designated driver, is in place for your journey home. Safety takes precedence.

6. Avoid Mixing: Simplify your night by avoiding the use of alcohol with other substances. Opt for a straightforward approach without mixing different substances. Did you know Marijuana can amplify the affects of alcohol in your body? It’s simple, don’t mix.

Planning for a Festive Celebration 🎈

Now, let’s discuss the art of hosting an exceptional holiday gathering where all can revel without feeling overwhelmed by excessive alcohol consumption.

1. Consider Time and Venue: Opt for daytime events as an alternative to nighttime affairs, and explore unique venues such as a bowling alley, your backyard, or an escape room to infuse a fresh and delightful atmosphere into your celebration.

2. Culinary Delights: Ensure your event includes substantial meals rather than relying solely on sugary or salty snacks. This approach aids in moderating alcohol’s impact on those who choose to partake.

3. Embrace Non-Alcoholic Choices: Extend hospitality to non-drinkers by offering a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, including non-alcoholic beer, wine, and other alcohol-free options, in addition to water and soft drinks. The world of non-alcoholic cocktails is vast and inviting.

4. Entertainment Options: Enrich the experience with an array of activities, including games, dancing, trivia, karaoke, and more. Providing engaging diversions ensures guests have enjoyable alternatives to focus on besides their beverage of choice.

5. Moderate Alcohol Availability: Exercise discretion in the amount of alcohol served at your event or available at the bar. Setting clear expectations and limits for your guests encourages responsible consumption and a safe celebration.

Warm Wishes from Smart Serve Ontario for a Safe and Enjoyable Holiday Season! 🎄🎅

We extend our heartfelt wishes for a holiday season filled with safety, joy, love, and memorable moments. By adhering to these guidelines, your celebrations are poised to become cherished memories. May everyone enjoy a splendid and festive season ahead! 🌟🥳