Online Proctoring

All Smart Serve exams are proctored utilizing a combination of impartial individuals (called a proctors) and using artificial intelligence to review biometric data. Working together, they monitor and supervise a student while he or she is taking an exam – available 24/7.

You will need the following system requirements to complete the exam:

  • an internet connected desktop or a laptop computer
  • a working webcam

Still have questions about Online Proctoring?  More information is available in the FAQ section.

The Process

When you reach the certification exam in the online training, you will be prompted to:

Step 1:

Allow access to your web enabled camera.  Review and accept the privacy policy.

Step 2:

Take a photo of yourself using your web camera.

Step 3:

Take a photo of your government issued photo identification using your web camera (Health cards are not accepted).

Step 4:

Take the exam. Our Biometric Assisted proctoring solution will monitor you for the duration of the test. Any rules broken will result in a failed exam.