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Online Proctored Testing

All Smart Serve Ontario Final Tests are completed online and will be Proctored. You will be required to allow access to your web camera for I.D. verification and test monitoring purposes. You can launch your test any time – 24/7.

Before you start, you will need:

  • A valid government issued I.D.
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A working web camera
  • A desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

During your test:

  • You must follow all Final Test instructions
  • Any rules broken will result in a FAILED session and require you to re-purchase and complete the entire course again

Following Test Completion:

  • Your test session will be reviewed
  • If you received 80% or higher and no issues were found, you will receive an email with your Certification information
  • If integrity issues are identified with your test session, you will receive an email with further instructions

Still have questions about Online Proctoring? Please review our Technical FAQs

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to ensure the web camera is working and properly configured to your browser before launching the Final Test. If your session fails the integrity check, you will receive a FAILED session and lose your attempt.

The Process

When you have completed your training and are ready to start the Final Test, you will be prompted to:

Step 1:

Allow access to your web camera & microphone. Review and accept the Privacy Policy.

Note: Some browsers may require you to allow camera access for specific websites. Close all other programs that might be connected to your camera before you begin.

Step 2:

Take a photo of yourself and your I.D. using your web camera. Your I.D. must have a photo, date of birth, and be valid.

 Note:  The Personal Health Information Protection Act (2004) prevents Smart Serve Ontario from accepting Health Cards as valid identification.

Step 3:

Take the test. Our proctoring system will monitor you for the duration of the test. Any rules broken will result in a FAILED session. You must remain in camera view at all times.

Note: You are being monitored. Ensure the room has good lighting and there are no distractions. No one can assist you during the test.