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Celebrating 25 years

By March 1, 2020May 13th, 2021No Comments

We are proudly celebrating 25 years of creating a safer and healthier Ontario – with you!

The journey began when a coalition of hospitality & tourism associations and industry leaders got together to present a proposal to the Liquor Licence Board of Ontario (now the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario) to develop a mandatory server training program. An advisory group was formed and in March 1995, the Smart Serve® training program was named!

Over 9,131 days later, we are proud to say that the training program continues to be industry designed and developed. As job requirements and industry standards change, the program continues to grow to help stakeholders, licensees, staff, and volunteers provide responsible alcohol beverage sales and service.

Follow us as we share our story (and yours) #SmartServe25

Safe and responsible starts with you!