Retail Alcohol Sales Training

The Liquor Law regulations require that staff who are already Smart Serve certified and working in the retail alcohol sector, including staff at authorized grocery stores, on-site and off-site manufacturer retail stores, complete an additional training module designed specifically for retail store staff.

The Retail Specific content is intended to ensure that staff working in the alcohol retail sector have the necessary knowledge, skills and training to sell, serve, and handle alcohol responsibly in a retail environment.

The Retail Specific module has been incorporated into the Smart Serve training program. Anyone new, or taking the training course for the first time, will be required to complete the full training program, which includes the existing content as well as the retail training.

Getting Started

If you are already certified but do not have an “RS” suffix at the end of your certification number, you can access the Retail Specific module update in your online account.

STEP 1: Login or Register for an online account

STEP 2: Select the retail course from your dashboard and enroll in the course!

*If you are registering for an online account, be sure to use the same spelling of your name that now appears on your certification. If you need to request a name change for your new certification card, you can do so directly in your online account.

Common Questions

Who needs to complete the Retail Alcohol Sales module?

  • Designated employees of an authorized retail store who sell or handle alcohol
  • Manufacturers’ representatives and staff at on-site and off-site manufacturers’ retail stores that are involved in the sale, service and sampling of alcohol in a retail store

What is the cost of this module?

  • This module can be accessed at no cost by all valid Smart Serve certificate holders.

Will I receive a new certification number and card?

  • After completing the retail module, you will be issued a certification number showing the “RS” suffix. This will confirming you have completed the Retail Sales training module. A new card will also be mailed to the address provided.

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