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By October 18, 2020 News

Your well-being and safety are very important to everyone. We are working closely to support the AGCO and the ever-changing Ontario Public Health and Government announcements.

As things change, it is important to remember that the access to alcohol must continue to remain safe, secure, and provided in a socially responsible manner. You must continue to follow the Ontario liquor laws and regulations.

We will continue to share updates as they become available. For immediate support or specific questions, as it relates to current matters, please visit and

  • Date October 18, 2020 – On Monday October 19th starting at 12:01 am York Region will enter modified Stage 2 restrictions. These restrictions will apply to food & drink establishments. Please read more from the 
  • Date October 9, 2020 – The Government of Ontario has released additional public health measures in the Ottawa, Peel, and Toronto regions. Establishments, bars, restaurants, clubs, casinos, and other food and drink venues are prohibited from offering indoor food and drink service. Special Occasion Permits (SOP’s) and event capacity limits are also impacted – Read more from the
  • Date September 25, 2020 – As a reminder, temporary permitted hours of sale for alcohol with food orders for takeout or delivery remains 9 am – 11 pm. All aspects of the sale and delivery, including acceptance of the order by the purchaser or at the delivery address, must take place within the permitted hours. Read more about takeout requirements
  • Date September 25, 2020 – The Ontario government is implementing new restrictions to restaurants, bars, clubs, and other food and drink establishments. This temporary change will prohibit the sale of alcohol after 11pm and require establishments to close by midnight (except for takeout and delivery). Read more.
  • Date September 18, 2020 – New restrictions for private indoor and outdoor gatherings in Ottawa, Peel, and Toronto regions. These new restrictions do not apply to staffed facilities. Read more from the
  • Date September 2, 2020 – Notice to Liquor Sales Licensees and Licensed Manufacturers on Permissible and Prohibited Sales Activities – Click Here
  • Date August 21, 2020 – Ontario makes changes to indoor capacity for meeting & event facilities and contact record requirements for bars & restaurants. Click to learn more about Ontario’s Stage 3 Safe Reopening.
  • Date August 10, 2020 – Friendly reminder that our office building is closed to walk-in traffic and masks/face coverings are mandatory. If you are looking to order a replacement card, please order directly from your online account.
  • Date August 4, 2020 – On July 30th the Ontario Government Released additional measures for Bars & Restaurants. This includes amendments to both Stage 3 and Stage 2 areas. Click here.
  • Date July 31, 2020 – Licensees have the responsibility to ensure local public health measures are being followed. AGCO inspections continue. Click to learn more about Ontario’s Reopening Plan.
  • Date July 16, 2020 – Ontario Rules for Stage 3 (Schedule 2) for restaurants and bars must also ensure they are following strict measures. More information on what can open can be found here.
  • Date July 15, 2020 – Additional amendments to liquor laws to provide consumers with more delivery options and to allow licensed boat operators to temporarily sell and serve alcohol while their boat is docked. READ MORE from AGCO.
  • Date July 10, 2020 – Many municipalities within Ontario, have approved mandatory wearing of a mask or face covering in indoor public spaces. Please check the local municipality website for full details, as there may be some differences in the bylaws.
  • Date July 6, 2020 – Beginning July 7, 2020 under City of Toronto Bylaw 51-2020 wearing a mask or face covering will be required in indoor public spaces. The by-law allows for temporary removal of the covering when having a meal. READ MORE from City of Toronto
  • Date June 18, 2020 – Temporary change for “By the Glass” licensees to extend their outdoor space, once permitted to open. READ MORE from AGCO
  • Date June 8, 2020 – A temporary amendment to the Liquor License Act (LLA) will allow licensed establishments to extend outdoor patio spaces and “tied houses.” When it is safe to re-open, establishments must still meet all requirements and have municipal approval. READ MORE from AGCO
  • Date May 6, 2020 – An amendment to the Liquor Licence Act (LLA) affecting licensees has been made. The change is a reduction to the minimum pricing requirement for spirits and is only for those selling alcohol with food for takeout and delivery, during the declared state of emergency. READ MORE from AGCO
  • Date April 27, 2020 – Temporary early retail sales hours (7AM – 11PM) have been extended until December 31, 2020 READ MORE from AGCO
  • Date April 24, 2020 – The period for free enrollment has now ended. Thank you! We are very proud to have been able to provide access to 100,000 free training courses since April 1st. In partnership with the AGCO, we have provided $3.5 Million in value towards this initiative.  CLICK TO READ FULL RELEASE
  • Date April 8, 2020 – As a reminder we ask that anyone under 18 years of age, not take the training at this time, due to high demand. Current online training offer is subject to availability.
  • Date April 5, 2020 – We have had over 50,000 registrations since April 1st. We are proud to know that so many people will be responsibly certified and ready to work in the industry, now as delivery drivers and in the future, after this crisis ends. As we work to ensure there is enough funding to support this initiative (until April 30th) we have temporary paused access to new registrations. READ MORE from AGCO
  • Date April 1, 2020 – To help support licensed establishments and the need to increase the availability of certified delivery drivers, in partnership with the AGCO, if you are a courier/delivery driver you are required to obtain your certification by April 25, 2020 – REGISTER
  • Date March 26, 2020 – QUICK FACTS serving alcohol with food for takeout or delivery
  • Date March 26, 2020 – Info Bulletin No. 61: Liquor sales licensees may now sell liquor for takeout or delivery along with food
  • Date March 26, 2020 – Ontario Adopts Temporary Measures to Support Bars, Restaurants and Alcohol Retailers During the COVID-19 Situation
  • Date March 19, 2020 – AGCO services during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Date March 18, 2020 – AGCO Message to Liquor Licensees about the Government of Ontario’s Direction for Bars and Restaurants to Close in Response to the Spread of COVID-19
  • Date March 17, 2020 – Ontario Enacts Declaration of Emergency to Protect the Public

It is important for anyone working where alcohol is sold, served, delivered, or handled, to understand the law and continue to ensure safe and responsible sales & service of alcohol beverages. Follow us for updates.

Safe and responsible starts with you!